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Breizh Transition Exhibition

bannière WTC Brest transition
  • événement

One of WTC Brest members is calling for commercial partners : an opportunity to promote your solutions, products and services !

A call for new partners : startups, SMEs, global compagnies, local communities, associations, institutions for the upcoming Breizh Transition exhibition on December 2nd & 3rd in Quimper / Brittany / France. Breizh Transition is a commercial opportunity to promote your solutions, products and services.

Download flyer

This event contributes to the implementation of energy transition projects. This is the perfect place to be in contact with business companies and organizations at field level. There is a lot to share between European regions in the energy sector, for instance in the organization of projects, policy and partnerships at local level, implementation of new technologies, business clusters, new user behaviors, best practices…

Become an exhibitor to promote your solutions for a carbon-free, energy-efficient society.

The Exhibitor will be able to showcase, market and sell products and services in addition to participate in matchmaking B2B meetings, workshops and conferences.

More information on website :

Contact WTC :
CANN Sébastien

02 98 52 01 44